What is LEAF?

Introducing LEAF

Someone should do something about that.

— Everyone, everywhere.

Have you ever noticed a problem in your area and thought that somebody should do something about it? Have you then wondered if you might be that somebody?

We have on many occasions. But if we do decide to act, who are we? Do we act as private citizens, or a family? What if there isn’t a campaign to join in with? Should we start our own charity or campaign of some kind?

LEAF is an experiment in answering those sorts of questions. It’s an umbrella group, a shared name for environmental projects in the Luton area. It allows individuals, families or small groups to take action under a wider banner. If you’ve got a project that you’d like some support with, let us know. We’ll be trying some things and sharing the resources to inspire local action too.

We’re also interested in networking green organisations in Luton, celebrating each others successes, and building a stronger and more powerful civil society around environmental issues.

Published by Jeremy Williams

Jeremy is an author and activist based in Luton. He is the author of Climate Change is Racist, co-author of The Economics of Arrival, and runs The Earthbound Report, recognised as the best green blog in the UK by Vuelio and the UK Blog Awards.

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