Luton Environmental Action Forum

Green solutions for Luton

LEAF is a umbrella organisation for environmental action in and around Luton. We support and encourage sustainable lifestyles, and provide a platform for local initiatives and projects, including Luton’s net zero carbon target.

What’s happening?

There are lots of good things happening in Luton already, and we’re going to be tracking them and highlighting progress made on key environmental measures.

Luton’s zero carbon target

In 2020 Luton Borough Council declared a climate emergency and set a target to reach net zero by 2040. We’ll be working on what that means, and what you can do to support this ambitious target. It will take all of us!

The issues

Luton faces particular challenges around air pollution and car dependence.

Get involved

We’re at the early stages of LEAF, and there is lots more to come. If you want to follow progress or join in discussion, Facebook will be the best place to do that for now:


We have lots of plans at LEAF. Here are a few of the initiatives on their way.

Edible Luton

We’re supporting a new initiative to create more community gardens.

Zero Carbon Luton

A new website tracking Luton’s plans to be carbon neutral by 2040.

Training for zero carbon

How can your organisation play its part in Luton’s zero carbon transition?

What about you?

Tell us about your project

We want to champion the best of what’s happening in Luton. What are you up to? Tree planting? Reducing single use plastics? Running an eco-school? Let us know about it!